Introducing the selected artists from Finland!

The first Digital Leap learning modules are approaching and it is time to get to know the participants properly! In the weeks leading up to the learning modules in Prague and Vilnius we will introduce the selected artists country by country. First up are the six participants from Finland.

Sofi Häkkinen (she/her) is a visual artist and a master of arts working in many different fields of art. She works in sculpture, video, site-specific art, popism, immersive multi-art and experimental performances. Häkkinen’s work has been shown in Finland and overseas, and she has worked as the artistic director and co-director of the multi-art group Recover Laboratory since 2015. She will participate in both of the learning modules and is keen on learning new ways to show her art to the world: “Social media is the number one tool in promoting my art overseas, so this project will definitely help me with internationalization. I am very interested in different ways art can be relayed through digital means, making it more accessible.”

Photo: Meeri Koutaniemi Photography

Anneli Kanninen (she/they), born in Estonia and based in Finland, is a dancer and an actor, and one of the trailblazers in the Finnish ballroom community. They have been performing and teaching in Finland and internationally since 2010, also collaborating with artists and art institutions, and managing digital processes in organizations. Her mission as an artist and a human is to create and cultivate diverse artistic platforms highlighting multicultural queer storytelling. Kanninen takes part in the first module in Prague and is excited to explore the opportunities that digital media platforms offer: “I look forward to finding new ways of utilizing these platforms in connecting and working with other artists and audiences around the world.”

Valtteri Raekallio is a Helsinki-based choreographer, whose work explores the boundaries between multiple forms of art. His recent productions range from immersive or site-specific work to stage work and to film projects of different approaches. Raekallio will participate in the second module in Vilnius. He wanted to take part in the project because his company Raekallio Corp. is working towards reaching international audiences through digital platforms: “We believe that this is a way to communicate artistically to a larger international audience, while being able to live an ecologically sustainable life.”

Photo: TaikaBox ry

Tanja Råman is a choreographer/dancer and the artistic director of TaikaBox – a dance/tech organisation based in Oulu in northern Finland. Råman has worked as a dance artist since 2000 and has created over 50 works for stage, public spaces and digital platforms. Her aim is to create new ways for people to experience dance by enhancing physical expression with technology. Råman will participate in the second module and is looking forward to sharing experiences with other artists: “I collaborate with tech companies and use technology in my choreographic practice in different ways on a regular basis and I am hoping to connect with like-minded artists and organisations.”

Photo: Uupi Tirronen

Lindon Shimizu is a half Japanese half Brazilian immigrant artist based in Joensuu, Finland.He works as a choreographer, performer and somatic movement educator. Shimizu has a theater degree and his works have been placed in the context of dance, theater and video art. Shimizu takes part in the first learning module and is eager to learn how to share his artistic ideas on social media for supporting his network: “I’m interested in learning how to frame my poetry on these platforms in a way that I communicate about my work, filling the gap between my poetry and what is shared”.

Vilhelmiina Sinervo is a contemporary circus artist and has studied and worked both in Finland and abroad. Her main discipline is slack rope. She established in 2018 to create and publish her own artistic work and is a member of the Finnish circus group Agit-Cirk and first solo piece premiered in January 2022. Sinervo will participate in both modules and is looking forward to learning together with the other participants: “As a physical artist I find learning new things easier when having a group of people around me to share thoughts with. It will be great to get to know people from different backgrounds”.