Digital Leap

Capacity building for circus and dance professionals

How to create and promote performances digitally and virtually –  without compromising the essential live experience?

Digital Leap offers a training programme and free learning resources – Cookbooks – for circus and dance professionals who are interested in deepening their understanding of digital tools and virtual platforms.


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Cookbook 1 – Promotion

Refresh your knowledge about digital promotion and working with social media or learn something new!

Cookbook 2 – Digital productions

Learn about streaming, virtual reality and augmented reality. Engage you audience using storytelling and sound.

Cookbook 3 – Dissemination

Discover how the Internet can help you distribute your work and connect with the international performing arts scene

Cookbook 4 – Audience engagement

Learn about digital audience engagement that takes place on social media and during the creative process and digital performances, and refresh your knowledge on audience data.

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