Photo: Dainius Putinas


Are you curious to learn how performing artists can make the most out of digital tools? The Digital Leap partner organizations invite you to seminars organized as a part of the project!

The local performing arts sector and others interested to learn about the topics covered in the learning modules and cookbooks are welcome to join the events held in each of the participating countries. The seminars compile the key topics of the learning modules into a 2-day format and bring in local artists and experts.

Dates and programs will be updated below:

For more information, contact your local Digital Leap partner.

Learning modules

The Digital Leap learning modules are five-day events that consist of theory and hands-on training about digital platforms from different perspectives. Digital Leap invites experts from different fields to work as teachers, mentors and facilitators in the modules.

The modules are organised in connection with a local festival, so that the participants have a chance to network and share their learning experiences with the festival guests.

It is possible to apply and participate in several modules or just one of them. The learning modules are free for all participants and Digital Leap will cover the travel and accommodation costs.

The participants – four to six artists from each of the seven participating countries – are chosen for each module through open calls

Module 1 in Prague – Photo: Filip Staněk


Module 1 – Promoting your work in digital and virtual environments: 22.-26.4.2022 – Prague (CZ)

The module focuses on the fundamental knowledge of the digital environment of today, the largest content distribution platforms and social media networks, their specific formats and the algorithm phenomena. The participants will learn how to promote their artistic work on digital platforms.

Module 2 – What’s next in the digital world: 2.-6.5.2022 – Vilnius (LT)

In this module the participants will learn to understand XR and streaming technology, and how to adapt their work to these platforms. We aim to get inspired by the possibilities of these technologies as well as look into future developments in these areas. The focus of the module will be on future insights, how to use these technologies and connect to them and share experiences.

Module 3 – Expanding your practice at your computer desktop – Distribution strategies on the Internet 3.0: 4.-8.10.2022 – Terrassa & Manresa (ES)

In this module we invite the participants to reflect on the infinite possibilities that the internet has to offer in the realm of distribution. A selection of experts will provoke thinking outside the box and expand the tangible limits of your practice to reach new targets and get new communities online to broaden your engagement.

Module 4 – Reaching and engaging with audiences through digital means: 23.1.-29.1.2023 – Marseille (FR)

This module focuses on the key topic of audience engagement and development work, while exploring cutting-edge digital formats. Circus and dance professionals (artists and producers alike) will discover how to e-meet and engage with their audience, how to better target them, and how to adapt to emerging participative and immersive practices by looking at examples from other artistic fields.