Module 4: Introducing the selected participants from Spain!

The fourth Digital Leap learning module is just around the corner! Before the participants – both artists and producers – head to Marseille, we want to introduce them properly. Now it’s time to learn more about the four participants from Spain.

Martin Melinsky is a clown and actor, living in Spain. He trained with Philippe Gaulier, Michelle Dallaire, Eric de Bont, Fraser Hooper, among others. He has performed in festivals in Spain, Macedonia, Croatia, Poland and Italy. In 2020, he created the company Cia. His clown and physical comedy show “Únic” was pre-released in Ibiza in April 2022 and is to be released in October 2022 with the financial support of the Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics, and the support of local and national entities.

Martin sees Digital Leap as an opportunity for career development: “Participating in the module would undoubtedly allow me to grow in my artistic career, especially in today’s times where digital presence is essential to position myself in the market.”

Juana O’Kippes is a performer born in Buenos Aires. She moved to Brussels in 2012 to specialize in handstands, contortion, and contemporary dance. In 2016-17, she continued her training in Toulouse. There she encountered butoh dance, and deeper explored contortion by research and experimentation. In 2018, ​​she joined the collective NANAKI (Grotowski) in Barcelona. In the following year she began the solo creation for INMUNDA, a performative fusion of circus and dance theatre. She now works as a performer in CHAIR & OS by JÉRÔME THOMAS.

Juana looking for new territories for her art: “I’m trying to find the way to expand and know other circuits that prioritize fusional arts”.

Joana Peralta is a producer and scenic artist. She graduated in interpretation from Esadib (Mallorca ’14) and continues her training in interpretation, movement, dance, circus and voice with teachers such as Yoshi Oïda, Cati Carrasco, Graham Dixon, Normal Taylor or Roberto Magro. As an artist Joana has worked with many directors, such as P. Azorín and R. Magro, and recently she has been on the latest play of Bob Wilson. As cultural manager Joana has worked for many companies and organized festivals, like Ciclop, Circaire, Ponent, and Transatlántico.

Joana wants to make the most of international work in the digital sphere: “I hope to find more and better tools to face this new challenge of internationalization within the digital context.”

Gerard Casas works as head of distribution and international projects for Africa Moment, a Catalan platform which promotes contemporary performing arts from the African continent and its diaspora in Latin America and Europe through distribution, training, consultancy and curating. Gerard graduated with a MA in International Studies on Media, Power and Difference by Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) and is a teacher himself at the MA in Communication and Gender by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His practice in the performing arts field encompasses artist management, national and international distribution strategies, tour planning, training and community projects, among others – marked by a strong approach to cultural diversity, global power dynamics and gender issues. With the Africa Moment platform, he has worked with over 30 artists/companies from more than 23 countries worldwide.

Gerard is hoping to learn how to reach international audiences through digital means: “Participating in the module will increase potential future strategies of distribution to international markets”.