Module 4: Introducing the selected participants from Czech Republic!

The fourth and final Digital Leap learning module starts in a week! Before the participants – both artists and producers – head to Marseille, we want to introduce them properly.  Next up in our round of introductions are the three participants selected from Czech Republic.

Eva Urbanová (she/her) is a dancer and an emerging choreographer of Slovak origin. In her works she examines and criticizes mechanisms of the social system, focuses on empowering women, and demonstrates the concept of dualism. Eva graduated from the Department of Choreography at Prague’s HAMU and has worked internationally with dance groups of various sizes, cultural backgrounds, and professional experiences. Eva’s choreographies have been performed in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Portugal, and Germany. 

Eva took part in the second learning module in Vilnius and is now joining us in Marseille. She is interested in a deep understanding of how technology is changing the idea of human body and body image, what are the possibilities of connecting with the audience through social media and sharing her ideas digitally.

Photo: Vojta Veskrna

Petra Hanzlíková – a data juggler and Excel chart dancer – has been streamlining new approaches to production management in performing arts for over a decade. As a production manager and PR consultant she has collaborated with international performing arts festivals, such as Tanec Praha, Cirkopolis, and Zero Point / Nultý bod. Since 2020 she has been a proud production manager of an uprising performing arts company Zdruhestrany, a body representing the creative work of three independent Czechoslovak artists like Viktor Černický, with whom she also collaborates as a tour manager for the acclaimed performance PLI. Recently she has become a vocal proponent of equity in the field, defending the ideas of sustainability, fair conditions, the well-being of artists and non-artistic workers, and non-hierarchical dynamics between the two.

Petra has been a tech and digital media geek for most of her adult life. In the face of the new era in the performing arts, inevitably marked by the pandemic and the war in Europe, Petra is eager to inspire and get inspired by other professionals and their digital as well as analog strategies in helping the performing arts flourish.

Zden Brungot Svíteková is a dance and movement artist. She has been working internationally through engagements, collaborations, residencies, and fellowships. One of the leading interests in her approach is to create and cultivate space for the personal, embodied expression of individuals as well as collaborative environments within collectives. Her artistic reflection is being nourished by somatic approaches, interest in natural and human sciences, and always, with the greatest curiosity and respect, encounters with different cultures and landscapes. Zden is one of the co-founders and co-directors of Ostružina z.s., which focuses on contemporary dance and movement creation for audiences of all ages. She also leads projects in the context of creative education and the process of artistic creation.

Zden values the live performing arts deeply for the physical presence of material bodies in the same space-time frame, but she is participating in Digital Leap with a curious mindset: “I am particularly intrigued to discover more about cutting-edge digital formats.”