Here are the selected artists for the third learning module!

In the joint call for artists for the third and fourth Digital Leap learning modules we received more than 80 applications from all partner countries. For the fourth module we welcomed applications from producers as well. Selections were made by the partner organizations.

The selected participants had demonstrated clear learning goals in their applications and showed strong motivation to learn more about the topics of the learning programme. We aimed at selecting participants of different ages and career stages, with enough common ground to ensure mutually fruitful sharing of practices and experience. We strived for a balance between circus and dance artists.

For the third module we selected 28 artists. The selection for the fourth learning module will be announced later.

Expanding your practice at your computer desktop – Distribution strategies on the Internet 3.0. – Terrassa, Spain

There are no magic tricks when talking about the distribution of dance and circus performances digitally, but there are hidden ways still to be discovered.

In this module we invite the participants to reflect on the infinite possibilities that the internet has to offer in the realm of distribution. A selection of experts will provoke thinking outside the box, reach new targets and get new communities online to broaden engagement.

The module offers a closer look at the complexities of international taxation and some platforms that can make working a bit easier. Legal experts will guide the group through the development of digital rights and explore how it could support the dance and circus scene.

As part of this module the participants are also invited to see curated performances at Teatro Principal of Terrasa and at Fira Mediterranea, an international dance festival in Manresa.

Here are the selected participants – stay tuned for more introductions!

Czech Republic:

  • Tomáš Janypka – creator, choreographer and performer, ZDRUHESTRANY
  • Jana Ryšlavá – dancer, dramaturg, Move Ostrava







Banner photo: Filip Staněk