Module 4: Introducing the selected participants from Sweden!

It is time for the fourth and final Digital Leap learning module. Before the participants – both artists and producers – head to Marseille, we want to introduce them properly.  Next up in our round of introductions are the five participants selected from Sweden!

Jonny Berg is a cross-disciplinary performer, creator and producer based in Gothenburg Sweden. He is doing work for stage, site-specific and community-based projects. For the last five years Jonny is the artistic director of company and performance collaboration Dance Remainings, together with Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson. Jonny is interested in authentic movement and non-verbal relations in scenic reflection. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a major in Theatre and Performance Studies, from the University of Gothenburg.

Jonny is intrigued by the possibilities that digitalization has to offer: “With the module I hope to gain new digital tools in order to adapt and strengthen my artistic work, find new possibilities and formats for my projects to reach a new and wider audience.”

Photo: Christoffer Holst

Johan Bandholtz is a dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm and has a B.F.A in Dance & Performance from Stockholm University of the Arts, a B.Med.Sci in Psychology and an M.A in Gender Studies. He co-founded Ongoing Realities with dancer and choreographer Anna Näsström. OR is an explorative choreographic approach exploring the relationship and creative possibilities merging dance and choreography with various digital and analogue technologies. Johan is interested in the intersection(s) of contemporary dance and choreography, technology and psychology and in finding strategies for creative collaborations in contemporary choreography.

Johan has been to two Digital Leap learning modules already – Prague and Terrassa – and in Marseille he wishes to get inspiration and knowledge of how to engage an audience using digital means. What is a successful engagement and what are the benefits and pitfalls of digital practices?”, Johan asks.

Gita Mallik is a producer, director and writer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She is currently working as a producer for choreographer Virpi Pahkinen as well as the independent theatre group Amfi. She is the founder of platform Permeate, that make site-specific artwork available through mobile phones. Her artistic work gives focus to meshing the digital world with site-specific performance. Central to her work is the experience of distance – from the tiny and incredibly close to the immense landscape. Gita has a master of Fine Arts from Uniarts, Stockholm.

Gita wants to take part in Digital Leap to find out more about digital tools to reach new audiences for performing arts: “I’m also really interested in learning about innovative ways for the general public – non-professional artists – to make their art reach the world.”

Photo: Alexis Rodriguez Cancino

Khamlane Halsackda is a Choreographer/Performer/Director. He was born in Vientiane, Laos, and grew up in London, UK. His own dance theater and social comment-based performances are focused on creating discussion and debate around identity and what this could mean. His latest project is ‘Into Flesh’ made in collaboration with Skye Reynolds. Khamlane also creates performative concepts for galleries. In 2023 he curates Matilda Tjäder’s exhibition at Skånes Konstförening. He is a member of Nya Rörelsen (The new movement), a collective of QBIPOC choreographers that champion visual performance art and recognising intersectionality as a way to create positive human connections. They are based in Malmö, Sweden.

Khamlane took part in the first learning module in Prague and is now heading to Marseille ready to have his approach to digital tools challenged: “I am hoping that the module will provide an understanding of digital marketing that will enable better outreach through clarifying how to promote who I am and what I do”.

Linda Remahl is a dance artist born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden. She studied at London Contemporary Dance School (BA-Hons) and stayed in England for 17 years, working within the arts. She often uses video editing as a choreographic tool leading to digital expression through the moving image. In recent years, she has focused on exploring movement and film in relation to immersive technology and virtual reality. She takes inspiration for her work in how we see, perceive, relate and move within our own histories and the contexts that surround us. Linda is one of the co-founders of Northern Sustainable Futures (NSF), a creative team that strives to bring art and culture to sparsely populated and rural areas, strengthening the cultural infrastructure and working conditions for artists.

Linda was also in Terrassa with Digital Leap and is sure that participating in these two modules will influence not only her own work but also NSF’s latest project that is an immersive mobile gallery: “I wish to have a deeper understanding in how to reach out with artistic works to meet audiences in new and innovative ways”.