Introducing the selected artist from Czech Republic and one more participant from Finland!

It is time for the last introductions before the learning modules begin! Read more about the Czech participant and one replacing participant from Finland.

Caroline Pajtlová is a choreographer and dancer. She is also the artistic director of Easy Dance, a school that combines contemporary and modern dance, elements of ballet and yoga, creative dance, and elements of movement theatre built on the concept of basal stimulation. She leads dance and movement training classes for children with the aim of developing and cultivating a feeling for the body and its flexibility, freedom, delicacy, and authenticity combined with integrity in motion.

“My intention is to identify and enhance the possibilities of the digital presentation of performing arts and how it is associated with contemporary times in order to preserve the quality and uniqueness of emotions and experiences.”

Iida-Liina Linnea (she/they) is a photographer and a performance artist, who studied photography. For the past six years Linnea has been working simultaneously with photography and performance art and her current approach to photography is strongly affected by performance art. She aims to mix these two even further, using the camera as an instrument of performance. Linnea has worked with the multi-art group Recover Laboratory since 2016, with encountering in silence as her discipline.

She will be replacing one of the Finnish participants in the second learning module in Vilnius. “I look forward to learning from and with other artists and experimenting with new possible ways of interaction. I hope that with digital means, more environmentally friendly and accessible solutions of showing and experiencing art can be established.”