Introducing the selected artists from Norway!

Over the next weeks leading up to the learning modules in Prague and Vilnius, we will introduce the selected artists from each country in the project. Here are the participants from Norway!

Inger Cecilie Bertrán de Lis is the artistic leader and choreographer for ICB Productions, which she established in 2003. She is educated from The National Academy of Ballet in Norway and received further education in Paris. As a dancer she has been employed by the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, Landestheater Linz, and Malmö Stadsteater and she has worked as a freelance dancer in various performing arts projects in Paris, Madrid, Stockholm and Norway. Her work has been touring in Norway and abroad, and has been invited to major venues and festivals around Europe. She has also worked as a choreographer in award-winning theater productions in Oslo. 

Bertrán de Lis will participate in the first module in Prague and is hoping to find the tools to show her art to the world: “I’m looking forward to learning more about digital technologies and platforms, so I can become more visible and promote my work better”. 

Gunhild Bjørnsgaard is a Norwegian choreographer, dancer, project leader and curator. In 1997 she founded Company B. Valiente with Marcelino Martin Valiente. Contemporary dance has always been the center of their research, but it has always been interdisciplinary with other forms of arts. They have carried over 23 choreographic propositions in Norway and internationally on avant-garde stages, as well national stages, but also in places which are not always easily accessible and demand an effort from the artists and from the audiences, who have different socio-cultural backgrounds. Bjørnsgaard also teaches contemporary theater and choreography, as well as organizes discussions around different reflections on art’s impact on the society, and has been curator and project leader for the National stage of folk, traditional world music and dance and Sámi in Norway.

Bjørnsgaard will join the first module: “I wish to learn how to be able to handle and use different digital tools, and to be clear in communicating to the public and to the audience”. 

Photo: Pier Carthew

Nicola Gunn is a performance maker based in Bergen. Her interests have always centered around the body and more specifically, the experience of living inside one. She has presented her work in 19 countries at festivals and venues including Meteor Festival, Black Box Teater, Tanzquartier Wien, Venice Biennale di Danza, Southbank Centre, La Villette, Theatre Garonne, and PuSh Festival among others.

Gunn will join the second module in Vilnius with the expectation to become more confident in navigating in the digital sphere: “ I hope to confront and overcome my fear of and insecurity around digital technologies.”

Julian Sæther is a Norwegian juggler and circus artist from Trøndeland, currently residing in Stavanger. He loves juggling and has been doing it for more than 20 years. His background in contemporary circus has inspired him to dance, to do theatre, play music and Sæther sees himself as a multidisciplinary stage artist. He moved to Paris in 2015 to pursue his career as a circus artist and graduated from L’academie Fratellini 3 years later with a Bachelor’s degree. In 2020 Sæther  moved back to Norway to bring what he has learnt from his years abroad and share his knowledge with artists and audiences around the country. 

Sæther will take part in both of the modules. He would like to gain more knowledge as the digital world is getting increasingly important for artists: “I hope to get some more inspiration on how to maneuver the increasingly complicated digital world by attending the module, and that this can help my and others artistic careers and make the art of circus more visible in Norway.“

Ole Kristian Tangen is a Norwegian dance artist and choreographer educated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. After graduation, he moved to Spain to work with the company IT DANSA. Since 2015, he has been freelancing as dance artist and a choreographer, both nationally and internationally and founded the company Tangen|Benzal together with Jesús Benzal. In addition, Tangen has been associated with the company zero visibility corp./Ina Christel Johannessen since 2015. Beside his artistic work, Tangen gives classes at Carte Blanche – Norway’s National Company for Contemporary Dance, Oslo Academy of the Arts and Spin Off – Forstudium i Dans.

Tangen will take part in both of the learning modules: “I’m entering the Digital Leap module with curiosity and ambition, hoping I’ll be able to transfer the valuable knowledge into my daily work as a dance artist.”

Photo: Øystein Voll

Thomas Voll aka. Thomas of Norway is a Norwegian choreographer and dancer, based in the Arctic north. Thomas’ artistic practice explores social taboos where sensitive topics, which often remain unsaid, are given a theatrical expression. Fear, shame and loneliness are words that inspires him in his research and exploration, and his interest is how these words manifest in our bodies and our systems. Alone, and in the encounter with society. Thomas’ attention to fear, shame and loneliness comes from his own exploration of his own body and system, as a result of trauma in childhood. This experience has set a course for Thomas practice and exploration today.

Thomas will participate in the second module. He expects to strengthen his digital presence: “I find it challenging and hard to adapt my work to the new digital era. My learning goal for the module is to get more knowledge, to open up and be able to see possibilities and opportunities within the digital world”