The first Digital Leap module, Promoting your work in digital and virtual environments, was held in Prague, Czech Republic, 22–26 April 2022 and it was organized by ATI – Arts and Theatre Institute.

The module focused on the fundamental knowledge of the digital environment of today, the largest content distribution platforms and social media networks, their specific formats and the algorithm phenomena. The module consisted of theoretical and inspirational lectures from industry leaders and a series of practical workshops focusing on strategic planning and unique content creation. With the help of this cookbook, you can look back on the lessons, refresh your knowledge about digital promotion and working with social media or learn something new.

The cookbook materials are based on the contents and lessons of the module, which were planned by Lukáš Vít Rýdl.

Lukáš Rýdl has worked in the field of marketing, communications and brand management for over eight years. With both local and international experience, he has worked with the agency Mark BBDO, where he was responsible for the digital division and managed the brand for the largest commercial Czech television channel. Lukáš also worked in the Czech Association of Communication Agencies, where he was the professional guarantor for Search Engine Marketing and was also responsible for semestral courses in the organisation’s Digital Academy.

For 14 years, he has carried out training and consulting activities for the public and has prepared specialised educational events for the corporate sector. He holds a Trusted Digital Media Advisor certificate from Google and completed their two-year Agency Leadership Program. In his practice, he prioritises Customer Experience management methods and always bases his strategies on precisely formulated marketing insights.